Are you manufacturer or trading company?

Are you manufacturer or trading company?

Dear friend, we are an integral company with both factory and trading authority.

Hangzhou Hongli Pipe Machinery is our factory and can also do exporting. 

Hangzhou Tiger King Pipe Machinery is our pure trading company and will get same prices for exporting as Hongli.

We also have Hangzhou Huaxing. It is mainly do heat treatment for our machine spares.

Meanwhile, we have customers cooperated for tens of years so we always do purchasing for them.

So we have some good suppliers for some other machines and tools which the quality has been confirmed by our regular customers.

C·Cutting is a new brand of Hongli Pipe Machinery. It is specialized in kind of pipe cutting tools. Pipe threading machines, pipe cutting machines and pipe hole cutters are main catalogue of this brand. The machines quality are the same with HONGLI brand but the color of some machines are Yellow & Grey.

C·Cutting have professional members to find solutions for your projects and sales.