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Can you tell the differences between threads BSPT and BSPP?

BSPT and BSPP are all pipe threads types. The shapes and the teeth degrees are same. The difference is the BSPT is a kind of taper thread and BSPP is a kind of straight thread.In the above picture, you can see the obvious difference.C·Cutting pipe threading machines are standard with BSPT / NPT threading dies. If you need BSPP function we will customize for you. 

Where to use C·Cutting pipe cutters?

Where to use C·Cutting pipe cutters?1. For what pipe cutter sizes:H2S pipe cutter is for pipes 1" to 2 1/2" ,wall thickness of 2.77 mm to 5.15 mmH4S pipe cutter is for pipes 2" to 4",wall thickness of 3 mm to 6 mmH6S pipe cutter is for pipes 4" to 6",wall thickness of 3 mm to 6 mmH8S pipe cutter is for pipes 6" to 8",wall thickness of 3.4 mm to 6 mmH14S pipe cutter is for pipes 10" to 14",wall thickness of 4.19 mm to 6 mm2. For what kind of pipe material:C·Cutting pipe cutters are for cutting steel pipe, cast iron pipe, galvanized pipe, ductile iron pipe, black iron pipe and stainless steel pipe.3. For what industry and fields:C·Cutting pipe cutters, without spark, can be applied to uninstalled pipe cutting and installed pipe maintenance mainly in petrochemical industry. 

What threads types can C·Cutting threading machines make?

C·Cutting pipe threading machines are from 1/4" to 4". The machines can make threads of BSPT, NPT, Metric, BSPP, NPSM and UNC. Different markets and different pipes or bars are using different threads. USA uses NPT type, China use BSPT type. Bars use Metric type, etc.The factory can also provide services of OEM or ODM for you as per your need.

May I use my own brand to buy and sell C·Cutting machines and tools?

C·Cutting is one of Hongli Pipe Machinery brands. It specialized in pipe cutting machines and tools including pipe thread cutting, pipe cutting and pipe hole cutting machines and tools.As the brand is from Hongli Pipe Machinery- a factory / manufacturer. So it is ok if you want to buy or sell with your own brand but there should be some request for your MOQ. Details please contact our sales representative to confirm.

Do any of you offer a warranty? If so, how long? What are the stipulations?

C·Cutting provide 18 months limited warranty for our pipe machines and tools, covering critical parts like motor and gear box. Free spare parts will be sent for replacement if the critical parts break down during normal operation (as per operation manual). Quick-worn parts like threading dies, cutting blades are not subject to the warranty policy.

Can I get a free sample?

Can I Get A Free Sample?Yes, we can provide free sample for evaluation. C·Cutting  will charge the sample fees as per factory price first and refund the cost in later firm orders. 

Are you manufacturer or trading company?

Dear friend, we are an integral company with both factory and trading authority.Hangzhou Hongli Pipe Machinery is our factory and can also do exporting. Hangzhou Tiger King Pipe Machinery is our pure trading company and will get same prices for exporting as Hongli.We also have Hangzhou Huaxing. It is mainly do heat treatment for our machine spares.Meanwhile, we have customers cooperated for tens of years so we always do purchasing for them.So we have some good suppliers for some other machines and tools which the quality has been confirmed by our regular customers.C·Cutting is a new brand of Hongli Pipe Machinery. It is specialized in kind of pipe cutting tools. Pipe threading machines, pipe cutting machines and pipe hole cutters are main catalogue of this brand. The machines quality are the same with HONGLI brand but the color of some machines are Yellow & Grey.C·Cutting have professional members to find solutions for your projects and sales. 

What are the advantages of C·Cutting hinged pipe cutters ?

Now, There are 5 types of pipe cutters of C·Cutting.Models are H2S H4S H6S H8S H14SFor cutting steel pipes from min.1" to max. 14"The advantages of C·Cutting hinged pipe cutters:1. Cold cutting with no spark and large heat.2. Squeezing cutting type with no slag or scrap iron.3. The cutters operate with minimal cutter rotation (90-110 degree) as necessary for tight quarters.4. The cutters can work on the pipes installed so it is good for pipe maintenance.5. The cutters are portable and light weight so easy for transportation.6. The cutting wheel of Hongli H4S H6S H8S cutters are interchangeable with REED corresponding cutters.7. H14S configure with spring steel cutting wheel and it can work for max 14" pipe.

Why choose C·Cutting as my cutting tools?

9 reasons to choose C·Cutting as your cuttingtools supplier 1.    30years of experience in developing and manufacturing of steel pipe cutting andthread cutting machines and tools2.    Professionaland advanced product processing equipment and a fast-growing product line3.    Onlineand offline factory and orders inspection service4.    Preferentialprice policy for regular customers5.    Customizedsupport of technology , R&D and manufacturing6.    Privatizedplants reduce rental costs make sure better factory price then to increase yourprofit margins7.    Propertyand material departmentmanagesthe purchase of raw materials and arranges order production so as to ensureyour exact delivery date8.    ExperiencedQC team and strict QC process to ensure your export quality9.    Completeafter-sales system give you 48 hours quick response, so that you purchaseworry-free