C·Cutting H14S manual pipe cutter

C·Cutting H14S manual pipe cutter


Pipe cutter for cold cutting, ideal for oil and gas pipelines maitenance in narrow spaces. Factory price for max 14 inch pipe cutting in diameter.

H14S manual pipe cutter is a kind of pipe cutting tool for cold cutting. Cold cutting means the cutting without spark and scrap iron. 


Four cutting wheels makes your cutting easier and faster.

The fixing parts can fix the cutter on the pipe and even though the pipe was cut down, the cutter will not fall off to pose a threat to the safety of the operator.

This is the picture token after we cutting down the pipe, the cutter was still fixed on the other end of the pipe.


We C·Cutting has 5 types of manual pipe cutters for your professional requests.

If your operation space is narrow, four-cutting wheel cutter can also work for you smoothly.