Let's learn more about the developing path of our hydraulic pipe cutters.

Let's learn more about the developing path of our hydraulic pipe cutters.


C•Cutting pipe cutters has been developing for tens of years. Our R&D have the patent of hydraulic pumps for the pipe cutters. The property is much better than the machines with jack.

C·Cutting is one of brands of Hongli Pipe Machinery and it is dedicated in making hard cutting easy.

Pipe cutter with pipe threading power drive. It is a multifunctional machine with functions of pipe cutting and pipe threading. It is ideal for household use but not suitable for professional sites.

multifunctional pipe cutter

Hongli aimed to make cutting machines in professional field so the above type was eliminated. 

Then, we bought jacks to help advance the cutting wheel to cut pipes. The cost is low but the performance is not good. The pressure of the jack is uncontrollable so the pipes were always crushed out of shape and the working length of machine motor and gears were shorten because of the overload pressure.

Then, hongli developed foot pump complete to meet the need of groups be used to foot switches or foot pumps.

Later, we developed a hand hydraulic pump all-in-one on the machine and our factory got the patent for it. The hydraulic pump is with a certain pressure for our cutting machines parts.


Now, C·Cutting mainly sell pipe cutters with hand hydraulic pump. It is with high performance in steady cutting and long life use of the machines.