When squeezing meets pipe cutting

When squeezing meets pipe cutting


Squeezing cutting type is main cutting tools of C·Cutting Tools .Low heat, no spark and slags. For professional fields of gas and oil pipe cutting.

When squeezing meets pipe cutting...

You will get a professional pipe cutting machine as shown below.

Firstly. let us learn about the features of squeeze cutting:

1. No significant heat will be generated in squeeze cutting.

2. No sparks and slags in squeeze cutting.

3. Suitable for pipes with oil or gas residue inside.

4. The pipe is rotated and cut simultaneously with the blade so it can only cut round pipes with standard wall thicknesses.

5. Squeeze cutting requires toughness and strength of the cutting blades.

6. Squeeze cutting machines or tools are always driven by hand or by hydro-electric.

Then, let's learn about the squeeze pipe cutters of C·Cutting:

1. H2S H4S H6S H8S H14S manual pipe cutters each using 4 pcs of cutting wheels.

2. QG8C-A and QG12C pipe cutters use induction motors, low noise and no sparks. 

3. QG8C-A and QG12C pipe cutters use hydraulic system and our factory got the hydraulic pump patent.

4. QG8C-A and QG12C pipe cutters use self manufacturing cutting blades, quality controllable.

5. QG8C-A and QG12C pipe cutters use strong and steady pipe support, free together with the machine.