What are the advantages of C·Cutting hinged pipe cutters ?
Now, There are 5 types of pipe cutters of C·Cutting.

Models are H2S H4S H6S H8S H14S

For cutting steel pipes from min.1" to max. 14"

The advantages of C·Cutting hinged pipe cutters:

1. Cold cutting with no spark and large heat.

2. Squeezing cutting type with no slag or scrap iron.

3. The cutters operate with minimal cutter rotation (90-110 degree) as necessary for tight quarters.

4. The cutters can work on the pipes installed so it is good for pipe maintenance.

5. The cutters are portable and light weight so easy for transportation.

6. The cutting wheel of Hongli H4S H6S H8S cutters are interchangeable with REED corresponding cutters.

7. H14S configure with spring steel cutting wheel and it can work for max 14" pipe.

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